2022 Employee Donation Pledge Goal: $1,500,000

Campaign Goal: $

2022 Employee Participation Goal: 100%

Participation Goal: %

Goal: %


The State Employees’ Community Campaign (SECC) will run September 1 – October 31 and is your only chance this year to set up payroll deductions that go to the nonprofit of your choice.

#PayItForwardIndiana and join the 5,400 State of Indiana employees who gave an incredible 1.4 million dollars to nonprofits last year.

Whether you have it in your heart to rescue victims of child-sex-trafficking, provide food and shelter to our neighbors experiencing homelessness, bring an end to cancer or diabetes, support our nation’s veterans, or to give to your local community center, animal shelter, theater, or church, payroll deductions are one of the best ways to create a better world for you, and for your family.

If you do not currently have a payroll deduction set up, we encourage you to give the equivalent of 30 minutes of your time per paycheck—it is an easy way for you to give, and a reliable source of funding for a cause that you care about. If you choose to give at that level, you will receive an exclusive SECC Champion pin.

Click "Donate Now" to begin the giving process. Then, search for your preferred non-profit.
If your preferred fund or organization is not listed, please feel free to search “write in”
or select the “write in” option from the last page of the charity search.

Please remember, if you were an SECC Champion this past year (gave 30-minutes per paycheck), you may have to re-adjust your giving levels if your salary has changed to keep your status.

If at any time you need assistance, please contact America’s Charities’ Donor Services Team/Help Desk at secchelp@charities.org, (703) 957-7888, or www.charities.org/support.